Monday, June 8, 2009

2nd Saturday Artist Market: June 13!!

What to do this Saturday...what to do....hmmmm....HERE'S an idea:

Start your Saturday morning at Short Street Cakes - grab a mini cup cake, or a half dozen full sizers, or even a cake or two! Note the location so you can go back next weekend for the Howard Street Handmade market. And pick up a couple of extras...bring a mini vegan to the Crazy Green Studios booth and trade it in for a free gift.

Follow Haywood around the corner and come up the street, passing Steebo Designs - go check out his garden and if the studio is open, pop in and see what's in the works!

A bit further up the street you'll find Izzy's Coffee Den - yes, it's time for a coffee break, and if you're feeling a bit peckish, perhaps a snack!

At the end of the block, take a right in front of the Rocket Club (by the way, the Funk Messengers and Melodius Culture are playing later in the evening), and walk a short block to Christopher's Garden - see the '2nd Saturday Artists Markets' sign? Go into the garden, and you'll find some very arty and crafty vendors, including the runny bunny, and next to the garden you'll find Christopher himself, with his fine work!

Leave the garden on the Westwood Avenue side, and cross the street and follow Domino Lane a short way into the 2nd Saturday Artist Market - you'll see more signs and the tents, can't miss it!

Here you'll find ceramics, jewelry, clothing, paintings, soy candles, soaps, felted treasures and more!! Spend some time, get to know the people who make these fine works, shop ahead for Father's Day, pick up a little bauble for yourself! Say hi to the folks from Mountin' Hopes in the Community Booth. Bring some canned food for MANNA FoodBank, and help decorate a bowl for Empty Bowls! And don't forget to drop off that vegan cupcake at the Crazy Green booth!

Wait, you're not done! Take the stairs up to Haywood, and check out Harvest Records, Custom Boutique and Touch of Glass, then wander across the street and see what's going on at Blue BarnHouse, Krug Creative and BookWorks.

By now, if you're getting hungry again, The Admiral should just be opening for dinner or a frosty beverage, or perhaps you'd like to get a head start on the suggested Sunday agenda and head back down Haywood, over the bridge and into the River Arts District for the Studio Stroll!

Check out the 2nd Saturday blog this week to learn more about participating artists and the Community Booth, and then come out on Saturday and join the fun!

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